Its still the same us from Buckin Wild Designs, we just got a little name upgrade! Why the name change you ask? The name The Good Babes really spoke to my heart, with a true meaning; in this time more than ever, we feel the need to spread kindness and positive thoughts at every opportunity that presents itself. We are here to tell you, you don’t have to be a certain size, have a certain hair color or be flawless to be apart of a girl gang, so we present you - THE GOOD BABES CO. Let’s all be Good Babes We are SO thankful for you all being on this entire journey with us, LOVE YOU ALL.

We will be slowly transitioning everything over to the new name, shipping bags, etc, so you will still see BWD around for just a bit longer, but don’t worry, our style and affordable prices will be staying the same 🤗